Infrasructure Support & Administration

"IT Infrastructure Support Computer systems and networks are the backbone of an organization and should efficiently and effectively support all operations."

A stable network and reliable infrastructure and equipment are essential to any modern business. This requires a technology investment strategy that supports the goals of the organization and either provides a return on investment or creates a positive earned value.

"TVSG Help .Biz can help you effectively design, install and manage your entire network and IT infrastructure."

Infrastructure solutions must also be adaptable to a dynamic environment. Being a boutique IT support company, we have the flexibility to deal with every aspect of technology you require to make your business run like clock work.

You won’t need to liaise with multiple contractors to get cabling installed, electrical work done, computers purchased, telephones installed, cameras set up etc.

"We can do it all for you, leaving you time to focus on your core business."


Web application development

Routers, switching and WiFi

A router can be connected to your modem on one end (ISP) and to a switch on the other end (local network). A wireless router simply allows you to share the wired connection with any wireless devices you may have. Most routers these days are wireless routers that include several wired ports also.

Computers and peripheral devices

A peripheral device is generally defined as any auxiliary device such as a computer mouse or keyboard, that connects to and works with the computer in some way. Other examples of peripherals are expansion cards, graphics cards, image scanners, tape drives, microphones, loudspeakers, webcams, and digital cameras.

Servers and storage devices

A storage server is a type of server that is used to store, access, secure and manage digital data, files and services. It is a purpose built server used for storing and accessing small to large amount of data over a shared network or through the Internet.

Wiring and cabling

Networking cables are networking hardware used to connect one network device to other network devices or to connect two or more computers to share printers, scanners etc.

IP video surveillance systems

The IP surveillance camera systems are the updated forms of CCTVs. They are in fact, the networked and digitized versions of the close-circuit television. This means that the system includes an IP camera, that records footage and then shares it on the internet protocol network.

POS systems

A retail point of sale system typically includes a cash register (which in recent times comprises a computer, monitor, cash drawer, receipt printer, customer display and a barcode scanner) and the majority of retail POS systems also include a debit/credit card reader.

Video conferencing equipment

Video conferencing is a technology that allows users in different locations to hold face-to-face meetings without having to move to a single location together. Uses for video conferencing include holding routine meetings, negotiating business deals and interviewing job candidates.


A firewall is software used to maintain the security of a private network. Firewalls block unauthorized access to or from private networks and are often employed to prevent unauthorized Web users or illicit software from gaining access to private networks connected to the Internet. A firewall may be implemented using hardware, software, or a combination of both.