QA & Testing

Software Testing should be an integral part of developing your software. Even though this seems obvious, surprisingly, many start-ups don't allocate sufficient budget to test their software regularly resulting in cost overruns in the overall development effort.

"Testing ensures that your software does what it is supposed to do."

Adding new features or bug fixes can break what was already working. This can be very frustrating for the users. Proper testing can prevent this from happening. Customers interact with software in various ways and ensuring that the software works in all scenarios is extremely important before rolling out your product to your end users.

"TVSG's quality assurance services go beyond testing and cover the complete life cycle of a software application. TVSG has an independent team of QA engineers trained for the rigor, processes and tools that this service demands.

We are extremely adept in various facets of quality assurance including, functionality, Continuous Integration Regression, End-To-End , load, stress, volume regression testing and performance profiling.


Analyzing project requirements

Our testing team studies your project requirements. In case the requirements are insufficient, our QA specialists will help you improve them.

Defining key points of the project

Closely cooperating with the rest of the project team, testing engineers define sets of conditions that allow the team to start, postpone, resume or stop the testing process.

Test analysis and design

The testing team transforms checklists (test ideas) into test cases and test suites.

Test implementation

The testing team runs test cases and timely provides the developers with the information on bugs and defects.

Result analysis and accountability

The testing team provides a test summary report describing the results of testing efforts and software quality overview throughout a given cycle.

For each project iteration we:
  • Create test documentation required by IEEE 829-2008 to ensure systematic and complete test coverage and ensure full visibility of the project’s activities. All the documents are revised regularly to stay up-to-date.
  • Apply proven testing techniques, tools and methodologies to perform different types of testing to meet and even exceed your expectations regarding quality.
We don’t only detect bugs

If needed, our proficient developers will step in to fix the defects we found and continue improving your solution (from maintenance and support to developing a new system) so that it fully meets your business needs.


Web application development

Functional testing

TVSG testing team ensures that your product works according to your business logic and specific requirements.

Performance testing

Our testing team reveals stress, load, scalability or reliability glitches and ensures stable work of your product.

Usability testing

Our experts help you to understand what issues and barriers can arise during the interaction with the product. TVSGtesting team performs usability audit and delivers a test report where the detected issues are categorized depending on the defect severity.

Compatibility testing

Seamless work in various computer environments is now a prerequisite for product success. Our expert testing team makes sure your product delivers positive user experience across different platforms, browsers and operating systems.

Security testing

We consult on existing options and guide you through their specifics to provide expert assistance in choosing the most suitable ecommerce platform. Then, we guarantee a smooth migration of your online store to ensure its consistent evolution.

Manual testing

Applying broad expertise and domain knowledge (Healthcare, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom and more), our manual testing teams perform comprehensive functional testing, usability testing and more.

Automated testing

TVSG employs best practices and state-of-the-art testing tools to automate testing processes and increase productivity. Applying keyword-driven and data-driven approach, we test web, mobile and desktop applications for various domains.